Workshop Agenda

National Science Foundation
Arlington, Virginia

Monday, February 11, 2008

All Monday Sessions Held in Room 375

7:45 a.m.Continental Breakfast
8:20Welcoming Remarks by Workshop Co-chairs
James Watkins, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Mario Rotea, University of Massachusetts Amherst
8:30Welcoming Remarks by the National Science Foundation (Document: pdf 147 KB)
Systems Nanotechnology (Slides: pdf 4.69 MB)
Mihail Roco, Senior Advisor for Nanotechnology

Session I:

Review of Recent Workshops and Roadmappping Projects

Session Chair: James Watkins
8:40Benjamin Shapiro, University of Maryland at College Park
"Comments on NSF Workshop on Control and System Integration of Micro- and Nanoscale Systems, March 2004" (View Published Report: pdf 465 KB)
9:00Metin Sitti, Carnegie-Mellon University
"Comments on the NSF Workshop on Future Directions in Nano-Scale Systems, Dynamics and Control, June 2003" (View Published Report: pdf 2.13 MB)
9:20Ranga Komanduri, Oklahoma State University
"Comments on the National Science Foundation-European Community Workshop on Nanomanufacturing and Processing, January 2002" (View Published Report: pdf 163 KB)
9:40Kevin Lyons, National Institute of Standards and Technology
"Metrology at the Nanoscale: What are the Grand Challenges?" (View Published Report: pdf 2.88 MB)
10:00Tihamer Toth-Fejel, General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems
"Four approaches to Productive Nanosystems: Comments on the 2007 Foresight/Battelle Roadmap for Productive Nanosystems" (View Published Report: pdf 2.09 MB)

Session II:

Integrated Nanomanufacturing Processes

Session Chairs: Jeff Morse and Mario Rotea
Part A
10:40Martha Grover Gallivan, Georgia Institute of Technology
"An Experimental Design Approach to Process Design"
11:00Panagiotis Christofides, University of California, Los Angeles
"Control and Optimization of Multiscale Process Systems"
11:20Babatunde Ogunnaike, University of Delaware
"Design And Process Control Issues In Nanomanufacturing"
11:40Jye-Chyi Lu, Georgia Institute of Technology
"Quality, Statistics and Reliability in Nanotechnology"
End of Part A
12:00 p.m.Michael Postek, National Institute of Standards and Technology
"Key Elements for the Future of Nanomanufacturing: Instrumentation, Metrology, and Standards"
Part B
1:20Thomas Edgar, University of Texas — Austin
"Monitoring and Control of Nanoscale Semiconductor Manufacturing"
1:40Benjamin Shapiro, University of Maryland at College Park
"On-Chip Feedback Control of Micro- and Nano-Scale Objects"
2:00Richard Wysk, Pennsylvania State University
"Nano Scale Fabrication: Creating Commercially Viable Nano Manufacturing"
2:20Julie Chen, University of Massachusetts Lowell
"Precision vs. Functionality: Identifying Realistic Nanomanufacturing Targets"

Session III:

Manufacturing of Nanoscale Materials

Session Chair: Mark Tuominen
3:00Raymond Adomaitis, University of Maryland
"Atomic Layer Deposition Processes for Nanomanufacturing"
3:20Metin Sitti, Carnegie Mellon University
"Micro/Nanomanufactured Polymer Fibers for New Nano-Enabled Products"
3:40Ranga Komanduri, Oklahoma State University
"Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Composites for MEMS Structural Applications: A Systems Approach"
4:00Sanjay Joshi, Pennsylvania State University
"STEP-AND-GROW Approach for Precisely Positioned Nanowire Structure Fabrication"

Session IV:

Industry Perspectives on Nanomanufacturing

Session Chair: Jeff Morse
4:40Daniel Herr, Semiconductor Research Corporation
"Emerging Research Materials and Process"
5:00Jeff Large, Texas Instruments
"Nanofabrication Using Gas Assisted Focused Ion Beam Techniques for the Semiconductor Industry"
5:20Alan Rae, NanoDynamics, Inc.
"Manufacturing New Materials"
5:40Michele Ostraat, Research Technology Institute
"Challenges in Nanomanufacturing: Opportunities for Process Improvements and Continuing Needs in Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health"
Dinner is on your own.

Tuesday, February 12

Tuesday Workshop Sessions Held in Room 375 until 2:00 p.m.

7:45 a.m.Continental Breakfast
8:00Mark Tuominen, University of Massachusetts Amherst
"The National Nanomanufacturing Network as an Emerging Resource for Addressing Research Challenges"

Session V:

Metrology for Nanomanufacturing

Session Chair: Mario Rotea
8:20Craig Prater, Anasys Instruments
"Nanoscale Thermal Analysis"
8:40Satish Bukkapatnam, Oklahoma State University
"Sensor-Based Quality and Performance Monitoring Systems for Nanomanufacturing Processes"
9:00Srinivasa Salapaka, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
"Systems Tools in Scanning Probe Microscopy"

Session VI:

Perspectives on Integrated Nanomanufacturing from Research Center Directors

Session Chair: Mark Tuominen
9:20Placid Ferreira, Nano-CEMMS, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
"Systems and Integration Challenges in NanoManufacturing"
9:40James Watkins, Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing, University of Massachusetts Amherst
"Materials and Process Integration Challenges for the Fabrication of Nanotechnology Enabled Devices"
10:20Robert Hocken, SINAM, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
"Nano-Manufacturing Within SINAM: Systems Aspects and Metrology"
10:40Ahmed Busnaina, Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing, Northeastern University
"Overcoming Barriers to Nanomanufacturing Using Template Directed Assembly of Nanoscale Elements"
11:00Robert Hwang, Center for Integrated Nanotechnology, Sandia National Laboratories
"The DOE Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies: A Science-Based National User Facility to Accelerate Innovation in Nanotechnology"

Session VII:

Roundtable on Integrated Nanomanufacturing Research Challenges

Moderator: James Watkins and Mario Rotea
Scribes: Mark Tuominen and Jeff Morse
11:20Extended discussion of research challenges for further advances in integrated nanomanufacturing processes and systems. A working lunch will be served during the roundtable discussion.
1:30 p.m.Discussion of report writing process, breakout sessions and next steps
2:00Adjournment of Workshop and dismissal to Report-Writing Breakout Sessions

Workshop Report-Writing Breakout Sessions

2:15 to 4:00Four breakout sessions, locations to be announced.