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Nanoporous hydroxide makes good supercapacitor

September 22, 2014 - 2:49am
Thin film has a high capacitance and promising energy and power densities, and so could be ideal for practical devices.
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Nanotubes couple up

September 19, 2014 - 10:48am
First observation of strong inter-tube coupling in “incommensurate” DWCNTS could help in the development of better electronics devices from these nanomaterials.
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New plasmonic nanolaser is cavity-free

September 19, 2014 - 3:02am
Proposed device could improve optical telecommunications.
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Ionic crystals go 1D

September 18, 2014 - 2:38am
Researchers in Japan have made the first truly one-dimensional diatomic chains inside CNTs.
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Plasmonic nanoclusters could detect single molecules

September 15, 2014 - 2:47am
Oligomers interact with light more strongly than isolated, uncoupled nanoparticles thanks to multiple plasmonic “hot spots” created in each cluster.
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FinFETs go flexible

September 12, 2014 - 6:47am
New soft-etching technique could allow for new applications in consumer electronics, such as in the emerging field of the “Internet of Things”.
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Nanostructure toughens lightweight ceramics

September 12, 2014 - 3:44am
Structuring a ceramic metamaterial makes it not only strong and light, but also robust enough to recover its original shape when deformed.
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Graphene paints a corrosion-free future

September 11, 2014 - 3:29pm
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Graphene’s photothermoelectric effect for THz detection

September 11, 2014 - 2:27am
New device is as sensitive as the best THz radiation detectors but it is a million times faster.
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Tunnelling electrons make new type of transistor

September 10, 2014 - 6:18am
Device consists of an ultrathin barrier of hexagonal boron nitride sandwiched between two graphene electrodes.
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CdTe ink makes high-efficiency solar cell

September 8, 2014 - 4:46am
Devices made using cadmium telluride layers have a sunlight-to-power conversion of efficiency of more than 10%.
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Graphene drum could make good motion sensor and memory chip

September 5, 2014 - 5:02am
Kavli researchers couple carbon resonator to a superconducting microwave cavity for the first time.
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Watching nucleation from start to finish

September 5, 2014 - 4:38am
Transmission electron microscopy obervations reveal the formation of the mineral calcium carbonate from start to finish.
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2D-crystal jigsaw puzzle helps make high-quality heterojunction

September 4, 2014 - 2:35am
Interface between two dichalcogenides could be used to fabricate transistors, LEDs and solar cells within a single atomically thin layer.
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Superabsorbing rings could lead to better cameras and solar cells

September 3, 2014 - 10:29am
Quantum effect could be put to work in a range of optical technologies.
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Binary metal oxide surface goes electrocatalytic

September 1, 2014 - 5:29am
Ni-Co film has lots of active edges.
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