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Non-toxic filamentous virus helps quickly dissipate heat generated by electronic devices

April 7, 2018 - 7:45am
The researcher team of Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) discovered that the film constructed by assembling a nontoxic filamentous virus functions as a heat dissipation material, and that can...

Researchers develop nanoparticle films for high-density data storage:

April 7, 2018 - 7:45am
As we generate more and more data, the need for high-density data storage that remains stable over time is becoming critical. New nanoparticle-based films that are more than 80 times thinner than a hu...

Ancient paper art, kirigami, poised to improve smart clothing: New research shows how paper-cutting can make ultra strong, stretchable electronics

April 7, 2018 - 7:45am
Like a yoga novice, electronic components don't stretch easily. But that's changing thanks to a variation of origami that involves cutting folded pieces of paper.

Easing uncertainty: A demonstration of how Heisenberg's uncertainty principle can be relaxed for a trapped-ion mechanical oscillator enables fundamental studies and practical uses alike

April 7, 2018 - 7:45am
Heisenberg's uncertainty principle posits that there is a fundamental limit to the precision with which so-called complementary variables, such as position and momentum, can be measured. That is, the...

Deep Space Industries to provide Comet satellite propulsion for BlackSky, LeoStella

April 5, 2018 - 7:45am
Deep Space Industries (DSI) announced today that it has signed a contract to provide its Comet water-based satellite propulsion systems for the BlackSky Earth observation constellation of smallsats. D...

Single-cell mRNA cytometry via sequence-specific nanoparticle clustering and trapping: Cell-to-cell variation in gene expression creates a need for techniques that can characterize expression at the level of individual cells

April 5, 2018 - 7:45am
Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men and the fifth leading cause of death from cancer in men worldwide, according to 2012 numbers. While several viable treatment options for prostat...

Understanding charge transfers in molecular electronics

April 5, 2018 - 7:45am
An international research team, which includes University of Central Florida Professor Enrique del Barco and Christian A. Nijhuis of the National University of Singapore, has found a way to understand...

A new way to find better battery materials: Design principles could point to better electrolytes for next-generation lithium batteries

April 5, 2018 - 7:45am
A new approach to analyzing and designing new ion conductors -- a key component of rechargeable batteries -- could accelerate the development of high-energy lithium batteries, and possibly other energ...

MSU-based physicists witnessed the turning of a dielectric into a conductor

April 5, 2018 - 7:45am
A scientist from the Faculty of Physics, MSU together with Russian and foreign colleagues studied changes in the behavior of electrons in one of the types of dielectrics with high time resolution and...

Understanding gravity: The nanoscale search for extra dimensions: A Japan-US research collaboration involving Osaka University uses high-sensitivity experiments to probe exotic gravitational force

April 5, 2018 - 7:45am
Often, practical limits control the experimental measurements that can be made, governing the difference between what we expect to be true based on the most likely predictions of models and calculatio...

Superconductivity in an alloy with quasicrystal structure

April 3, 2018 - 7:45am
Extraordinary things happen at low temperatures. One of the best examples is surely superconductivity. This phenomenon, wherein the electrical resistance of a solid drops to zero below a critical temp...

Are We Quantum Computers? Led by UCSB’s Matthew Fisher, an international collaboration of researchers will investigate the brain’s potential for quantum computation

April 3, 2018 - 7:45am
Much has been made of quantum computing processes using ultracold atoms and ions, superconducting junctions and defects in diamonds, but could we be performing them in our own brains?

Smaller and faster: The terahertz computer chip is now within reach: Hebrew university researcher shows proof of concept for nanotechnology that will make computers run 100 times faster

April 3, 2018 - 7:45am
Following three years of extensive research, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HU) physicist Dr. Uriel Levy and his team have created technology that will enable our computers--and all optic communicati...

Team brings subatomic resolution to 'computational microscope'

April 3, 2018 - 7:45am
Scientists have built a "computational microscope" that can simulate the atomic and subatomic forces that drive molecular interactions. This tool will streamline efforts to understand the chemistry of...

This Wired Wallpaper Could Turn Your Whole House Into A Fire Alarm

April 2, 2018 - 1:12pm
The wallpaper comes from China’s Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, where Professor Ying-Jie Zhu and his team are experimenting with graphene applications. Their research, recently published in the journ...

Atomically thin light-emitting device opens the possibility for 'invisible' displays

April 1, 2018 - 7:45am
UC Berkeley engineers have built a bright-light emitting device that is millimeters wide and fully transparent when turned off. The light emitting material in this device is a monolayer semiconductor,...

Graphene oxide nanosheets could help bring lithium-metal batteries to market

March 30, 2018 - 7:45am
Lithium-metal batteries -- which can hold up to 10 times more charge than the lithium-ion batteries that currently power our phones, laptops and cars -- haven't been commercialized because of a fatal...

Graphene finds new application as anti-static hair dye: New formula works as well as commercial permanent dyes without chemically altering hairs

March 28, 2018 - 7:45am
It’s an issue that has plagued the beauty industry for more than a century: Dying hair too often can irreparably damage your silky strands.

Piezomagnetic material changes magnetic properties when stretched

March 28, 2018 - 7:45am
Piezoelectric materials, which generate an electric current when compressed or stretched, are familiar and widely used: think of lighters that spark when you press a switch, but also microphones, sens...

Design approach developed for important new catalysts for energy conversion and storage: New method could aid in design of pharmaceuticals and optical and data storage materials

March 28, 2018 - 7:45am
Northwestern University researchers have discovered a new approach for creating important new catalysts to aid in clean energy conversion and storage. The design method also has the potential to impac...