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Tracing barnacle's footprint

Nanotech-Now - August 22, 2016 - 7:45am
In infection diseases, membrane fouling, interaction with bacteria, as well as in rapid healing of wounds for example, the way proteins interact with a surface plays an important role. On a surface, t...

Curbing the life-long effects of traumatic brain injury

Nanotech-Now - August 22, 2016 - 7:45am
A fall down the stairs, a car crash, a sports injury or an explosive blast can all cause traumatic brain injury (TBI). Patients often recover. But in the days or weeks following the hit, they can deve...

Lab team spins ginger into nanoparticles to heal inflammatory bowel disease

Nanotech-Now - August 22, 2016 - 7:45am
A recent study by researchers at the Atlanta Veterans Affairs Medical Center took them to a not-so-likely destination: local farmers markets. They went in search of fresh ginger root.

Nanosphere lithography makes graphene moiré metasurface

Nanotechweb - August 22, 2016 - 1:10am
The surface could be used in applications like ultrathin light modulators, biosensors, flexible optoelectronics and photodetectors.

Magnetic bacteria help treat tumours

Nanotechweb - August 22, 2016 - 12:34am
A new technique can transport drug-loaded nanoliposomes into solid cancers.

Brittle quasicrystals become ductile at the nanoscale

Nanotechweb - August 22, 2016 - 12:10am
Experiments show that "dislocation glide" dominates quasicrystal deformation.

Down to the wire: ONR researchers and new bacteria

Nanotech-Now - August 20, 2016 - 7:45am
-Scientists sponsored by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) have genetically modified a common soil bacteria to create electrical wires that not only conduct electricity, but are thousands of times th...

McMaster researchers resolve a problem that has been holding back a technological revolution

Nanotech-Now - August 20, 2016 - 7:45am
Imagine an electronic newspaper that you could roll up and spill your coffee on, even as it updated itself before your eyes.

Hexagonal boron nitride semiconductors enable cost-effective detection of neutron signals: Texas Tech University researchers demonstrate hexagonal boron nitride semiconductors as a cost-effective alternative for inspecting overseas cargo containers enteri

Nanotech-Now - August 20, 2016 - 7:45am
One of the most critical issues the United States faces today is preventing terrorists from smuggling nuclear weapons into its ports. To this end, the U.S. Security and Accountability for Every Port A...

Enhanced electron doping on iron superconductors discovered: IBS Centre for Correlated Electron Systems revises existing theories by raising the temperature for superconductivity

Nanotech-Now - August 20, 2016 - 7:45am
The IBS research team headed by the associate director of CCES, KIM Chang Young, presented the possibility of unifying theories to explain the working mechanism of iron- based superconductors. Their r...

Impressive List of Doctors, Scientists Coming to Vail for Scientific Summit: The Second Vail Scientific Summit Convenes the Greatest Minds in Regenerative Medicine and Science

Nanotech-Now - August 20, 2016 - 7:45am
With 43 of the top names in the field attending the Vail Scientific Summit Aug. 18-20, it's no wonder the theme of this year's event is "Engaging the Greatest Minds in Regenerative Medicine and Scienc...

A Nanotechnology Perspective for Manufacturing

National Nanomanufacturing Network - August 19, 2016 - 12:47pm
The entry of nanotechnology into manufacturing has been compared to the advent of earlier technologies that have profoundly affected modern societies, such as plastics, semiconductors, and even ele Michael Berger, Nanowerk

Legions of nanorobots target cancerous tumors with precision: Administering anti-cancer drugs redefined

Nanotech-Now - August 18, 2016 - 7:45am
Researchers from Polytechnique Montréal, Université de Montréal and McGill University have just achieved a spectacular breakthrough in cancer research. They have developed new nanorobotic agents capab...

Leading Advanced Materials Manufacturer Pixelligent Closes $10.4 Million in Funding: Capital Will Boost Capacity for North American Manufacturing, Drive Asian Expansion, and Continue Innovation in Solid State Lighting and OLED Display Applications

Nanotech-Now - August 18, 2016 - 7:45am
Pixelligent Technologies, the leader in high-index advanced materials for Solid State Lighting and Display applications and producer of PixClear® products, announced today that it closed $10.4 million...

Harris & Harris Group to Host a Shareholder Update Call, Including a Presentation by One of Its Precision Health and Medicine Portfolio Companies, Muses Labs, Inc., on August 23, 2016

Nanotech-Now - August 18, 2016 - 7:45am
Harris & Harris Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:TINY), announced today that it will hold a conference call to update shareholders, analysts and interested attendees on its business and to answer questions, on Tue...

Clusters of Nanoparticles protect against high temperature creep and radiations

Nanotech-Now - August 18, 2016 - 7:45am
Next generation's nuclear reactors require materials that can resist higher temperature and radiations. The ODS steels are used as nuclear fuel cladding and structural materials. This is because the...

XEI Scientific celebrates its Silver Anniversary

Nanotech-Now - August 18, 2016 - 7:45am
Join us in celebrating 25 years of continuing progress in fighting hydrocarbon contamination with Evactron® plasma cleaners.

'Sniffer plasmons' could detect explosives: Scientists have proposed a graphene-based spaser that can detect even small amounts of various substances, including explosives

Nanotech-Now - August 18, 2016 - 7:45am
Physicists from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) have found that the two-dimensional form of carbon, known as graphene, might be the ideal material for manufacturing plasmonic dev...

SLAC, Stanford gadget grabs more solar energy to disinfect water faster: Plopped into water, a tiny device triggers the formation of chemicals that kill microbes in minutes

Nanotech-Now - August 18, 2016 - 7:45am
In many parts of the world, the only way to make germy water safe is by boiling, which consumes precious fuel, or by putting it out in the sun in a plastic bottle so ultraviolet rays will kill the mic...

Detecting knots in nanopores

Nanotechweb - August 17, 2016 - 1:44pm
New work shows that it is important to take knots into account in applications such as detecting DNA-bound proteins.