Reshaping Electronics for the Human Body

Mr. Benjamin Schlatka
Co-Founder and Vice President of Business Development
MC10, Inc.

While Moore's Law has delivered smaller, cheaper and faster electronics, these conventional systems exist exclusively in planar layouts on the flat surfaces of rigid, brittle semiconductor wafers. These 2D configurations are not fundamentally compatible for use in soft form factors such as on or in the human body.

MC10 is reshaping electronics into conformal products that bend, stretch and flex to move with the body, without sacrificing performance. Stretchable electronics can be integrated into three-dimensional applications, into dynamic and moving systems, and into space-constrained areas - applications that just aren't possible with dominant forms of electronics.

This session will describe the approach to developing stretchable electronics as well as initial applications, primary markets and opportunities with a focus on wearable sensors, interventional medical devices, and implantable medical devices.