Mr. Benjamin Schlatka

VP of Business Development, Co-Founder
MC10 Inc.

Benjamin Schlatka is VP of Business Development and a Co-Founder of MC10. Ben’s passion for growing and leading science-based businesses led him to co-found MC10 in 2008. His multidisciplinary expertise in both material science and electronics uniquely position him to lead MC10’s partnership activities and growth across its Medical, Consumer, and Government segments.

Ben’s career has been spent scaling technology-enabled businesses. Prior to MC10, Ben helped grow Nantero’s carbon nanotube electronics business (sold to Lockheed Martin Corporation) and led marketing and sales for a Volunteer (winner 1998 MIT 50K, sold to the United Way). He began his career as a corporate entrepreneur as one of the founding team members of IBM’s Networking Hardware microelectronics business – today greater than a billion dollars in sales.

Ben has been an invited keynote speaker at Fortune 100 companies on strategies for growing disruptive science driven innovations. Ben’s other passion is coaching individuals on building their careers in technology and serves as an executive coach at the Harvard Business School. Ben earned an MBA from the Harvard Business School and holds 2 issued patents with 11 pending.