Alfred J. Crosby Promoted to Full Professor

Alfred J. CrosbyAlfred J. Crosby, an investigator in the CHM from Polymer Science and Engineering, has been promoted to full Professor effective September 1, 2012. Al's research interests include the mechanics of hierarchical structures, polymer adhesion, biomimetic materials design, responsive surfaces and materials, elastic instabilities; deformation and fracture of thin films, polymer patterning; nanocomposites and combinatorial methods. 

As a participant in the CHM, he is collaborating with Professor Ken Carter to develop new methods to overcome existing challenges in the use of nanoimprinting patterning on flexible substrates in a roll-to-roll configuration. In addition, Al has collaborated with Professor Todd Emrick to develop a robust, scalable process for manufacturing assemblies that can be integrated into flow-coating to assemble periodic polymer and/or nanoparticle line patterns with controlled dimensions.