Center Research Leadership Team

CHM-Supported Investigators

Name Institution Department Group(s)
Katherine Aidala Mt. Holyoke College Physics TRG 2
Brian Anthony MIT Mechanical Engineering Test Beds
Alejandro Briseno UMass Amherst Polymer Sci. & Eng. TRG 1
Carlos Cabrera UPR Rio Piedras Chemistry TRG 1 (UPR Rio Piedras P.I.)
Kenneth Carter UMass Amherst Polymer Sci. & Eng. TRG 1, Test Bed Co-Coordinator
Alfred Crosby UMass Amherst Polymer Sci. & Eng. TRG 1
Todd Emrick UMass Amherst Polymer Sci. & Eng. TRG 1
Deepak Ganesan UMass Amherst Information & Computer Sciences TRG 3
Gregory Grason UMass Amherst Polymer Sci. & Eng. TRG 1
L. Jay Guo Univ. of Michigan Electrical Eng. & Comp. Sci. Test Beds
David Hardt MIT Mechanical Eng. Test Beds
Ryan Hayward UMass Amherst Polymer Sci. & Eng. Seed
Jae-Hwang Lee UMass Amherst Mechanical & Industrial Engineering TRG 1
Thomas McCarthy UMass Amherst Polymer Sci. & Eng. TRG 1
Csaba Andras Moritz UMass Amherst Elect. & Comp. Eng. TRG 2 Co-Leader
Jeff Morse UMass Amherst Nat. Nanomanufacturing Network NNN
Robert Norwood University of Arizona College of Optical Sciences TRG 1
Sam Nugen UMass Amherst Food Science TRG 3
Matteo Pasquali Rice University Chem. & Biomolecular Eng. Test Beds
Vincent Rotello UMass Amherst Chemistry TRG 3 Co-Leader
Jonathan Rothstein UMass Amherst Mech. & Ind. Eng. TRG 1, Test Bed Co-Coordinator
Thomas Russell UMass Amherst Polymer Sci. & Eng. TRG 1 Co-Leader
Maria Santore UMass Amherst Polymer Sci. & Eng. TRG 3
Jessica Schiffman Umass Amherst Chemical Engineering TRG 3
Morton Sternheim UMass Amherst Physics Education
Mark Tuominen UMass Amherst Physics TRG 2 Co-Leader (Co-P.I.)
Richard Vachet UMass Amherst Chemistry TRG 3 Co-Leader
James Watkins UMass Amherst Polymer Sci. & Eng. TRG 1 Co-Leader (P.I.), Test Beds
H. Henning Winter UMass Amherst Chemical Engineering TRG 1
Jun Yan UMass Amherst Physics TRG 2

Additional CHM-Affiliated Collaborators

Name Title Institution
Tadafumi Adschiri Professor Tohoku University, Japan
Cyril Aymonier Chargé de Recherche, CNRS Institut de Chimie de la Matière Condensée de Bordeaux
J. Alexander Liddle Group Leader Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology
Eric Lin Chief, Polymers Division NIST
Qinghuang Lin Member of Research Staff IBM Watson
Dr. Hedi Mattoussi Research Scientist Center for Bio/Molecular Sci. and Eng., Naval Research Labs
Uzo Okoroanyanwu Member of Technical Staff AMD
Henning Richter Director Nano-C Corporation
Bahgat Sammakia Director, CAMM Center
Mechanical Engineering
Binghamton University
Dennis Slafer President and CTO MicroContinuum, Inc.
Chris Soles Group Leader NIST
Jim Thackeray Technology Fellow Rohm and Haas
Wim Thielemans Lecturer in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering University of Nottingham
Howard Wang Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering Binghamton University

External Advisory Board

Name Title and Affiliation
Eric Amis Dean, College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering; Professor of Polymer Science at The University of Akron
Joseph D. Downing Chief Operating Officer, John Adams Innovation Institute
Karen Gleason Associate Dean of Engineering for Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Daniel Herr Professor and Chairman, Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering,
North Carolina State University
Robert Hwang Director, Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies (CINT), Sandia National Laboratories
Victor McCrary Vice President of Research and Economic Development, Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD

Administrative Staff

Name Title
Jo-Ann Bourguignon Assistant to the Director
Paul Clark Director of Operations, Planning and Development
Trouble Erin Mandeson Office Manager
MaryAnn Mish Business Manager
Jeff Morse Managing Director, National Nanomanufacturing Network
John Nicholson Manager, Nanofabrication Laboratory
Robert Stevens Web and Database Developer
Michael Westort Education and Diversity Specialist

updated: November 5, 2015