Nanonex Nanoimprinter

The NX-2000, Full-Wafer Universal Imprinter is a state of the art nanofabrication tool purchased with the support of NSF-IGERT and the NSF Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing. It is housed in the new UMass Nanoimprint Lithography Laboratory on the fourth floor of the Conte Center for Polymer Research.

Nanoimprint lithography (NIL) is a new way of nanopatterning and a revolutionary solution to nanomanufacturing. NIL patterns nanostructures by the physical deformation of a deformable material using a mold. NIL can have sub-5 nm resolution and 1% CD control, and simultaneously achieve high-throughput, sub-10 nm structures and low cost -- a feat currently impossible using other existing lithographic methods. The Model NX-2000 is a single wafer nanoimprinter for all forms of imprint (e.g. thermal, photo-curable, and embossing) without alignment.  The tool offers excellent uniformity regardless of the roughness of the backside of the substrate and mold, minimum relative lateral shift between the wafer and mold, very small thermal mass and hence rapid heating and cooling time. Nanonex NIL machines are based on a patented technology, that does not use solid plate(s) to press the wafer and masks. This new technology gives not only excellent uniformity over entire wafer in nanoscale, but also the precise alignment and extremely fast processing time (less than 40 sec for a thermal plastics resists). The new technology also allows a single NIL machine to perform all forms of nanoimprinting, including thermal and photocurable NIL and direct nanoimprinting. NIL resists require very little pressure to press, are fast in response, and have high pattern fidelity and excellent uniformity. The Nanonex tool is available for general use to UMass researchers and authorized UMass industrial partners.

Highlights of the NX-2000, Full-Wafer Universal Imprintor

  • Full-wafer (up to 8") nanoimprinting tool
  • Patented Air Cushion PressTM (ACP) for ultimate nanoimprint uniformity
  • All forms of nanoimprint: photo-curable, thermoplastic & embossing
  • High throughput due to full-wafer imprinting: sub-60 sec/wafer
  • Optional alignment upgrade available
  • Smart Sample Holder for handling different sizes and irregular shapes
  • Applications in opto, displays, biotechnologies, data storage, materials, etc, ...